Rite Now

         Rite Now –   ( new  release)

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1. Intro
2. Good and Getting Better
3. Write My Name
4. At It For Mine
5. Skit  
6. Coming Down feat. Mo'shadious and D-real
7. Games of Life feat. Cruna
8. So Low
9. Gotta Live It
10. Skit  
11. Lord You Kept Me
12. No More Standing In Line
13. Acting Right feat. D-real

14. Skit  
15. Don't Talk About Love feat. Cruna
16. I'm On The Way feat. Cruna
17. Nine To Five feat. Mo'shadious and 40Pro
18. Like Whoa feat. D-real and Mo'shadious
19. Momma feat. Elizabeth Langham
20. Skit  
21. Outro  

Everybody - Single    Everybody Wants to  be a Gansta         

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   KICKDOORS        ( single from upcoming album)


A SOLDIERS STORY feat. Cole Jonique  ( upcoming album)                                                                                                                                                                                        I WAS ALREADY THIS   (single from upcoming album )            
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